Award 2016-17

Canadian Parents for French Burnaby Chapter Award 2016-17

Canadian Parents for French Burnaby Chapter has established a $250 award for a student currently graduating with a bilingual diploma. Up to three awards will be granted; one for each of the French Immersion Burnaby high schools.
This award recognizes students who have made contributions to the enrichment of French second-language learning experiences for themselves and/or others in their school and/or community. The students must also plan to continue with post-secondary studies. Special consideration will be given to students continuing French language studies at a post-secondary level. The award will be given to the successful candidate upon proof of registration in a post-secondary institution.


  1. Participates as a volunteer in French Second Language events and activities within the school or community.
  2. Intention to pursue further post-secondary education, preferably French language training (local or abroad).

Who is eligible?

  1. Applicant is in grade 12 and currently graduating from a Burnaby district high school with a bilingual diploma.
  2. Applicant plans to pursue their studies at a post-secondary institution.


This will be a letter written to the applicant’s former self as a gr. 7 French Immersion student.
The topic of the letter is as follows:

“Pensez à quand vous étiez en septième année et aux soucis que vous avez eus par rapport à l’immersion française à l`école secondaire. Maintenant, écrivez-vous une lettre qui partage les expériences que vous avez vécues jusqu`à maintenant, qui répond aux questions que vous avez eues en septième année et fourni des conseils.”

police: 12, times new roman
longeur: 2 pages maximum à double interligne
En format de lettre: Cher/Chère (ton nom), Salutation à la fin


Please choose a teacher that is familiar with your knowledge of the French language and involvement in French language activities.
Please list teacher’s name, email address and phone number.

Deadline:  APRIL 28th, 2017

Please submit your completed application to

See attached Application for full details (includes consent form for media release).

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