Why Become a Member?
The French Immersion program is not a mandated program in Canada, it is an optional program. This means that school boards do not have to provide a French Immersion program in their district and many districts do not. CPF is the voice that helps to keep the French Immersion program going and strong. By becoming a member you add your voice to say that you want the French Immersion program to stay in place and grow.
Part of the funding that the Government gives CPF is based on CPF membership. As CPF could show that our membership was growing we were able to get an increase in funding for the next 5 years.
Membership supports the chapter to bring all of the events and programs mentioned below, and more to you and your child. Membership also provides you with the latest French resources available.

Canada’s two Official Languages are stronger because of your support. Merci!

How do I join?

Go to CPF National website Membership page to get the membership form. 80% of your membership fee comes directly back to our Burnaby chapter to use for our children’s benefit.

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