April Monthly Meeting

CPF April Meeting is on Wed April 10 2019

The next CPF chapter meeting is on Wednesday April 10 2019 from 7.00 pm at École Aubrey Elementary, 1075 Stratford Ave, Burnaby, BC V5B 3X9

Here is our agenda:

  1. Any funding requests: Moscrop, Alpha, Pen Pal Program with France – follow up 
  2. Summer Camp
    – Review Budget
    – Event Brite to be set up in April after spring break
    – Flyers
    – Shopping for camp items, design the T-shirts
  3. French Lessons for Parents – set up the details: location, cost, instructor’s fee, etc.
  4. Film Festival 2020 – select the date, discuss feedback from the primary classes & overall success; have more volunteers to assist with the lights before & after the movies; check on the surveys results
  5. Ongoing Initiatives:
    – Ecole des Max: https://www.ecoledesmax.com/en-version.php
    – Fete des Arts (reps) – Send reminder in May
    – Resource Grant (reps)

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