December Monthly Meeting

The next CPF chapter meeting is on Tuesday December 11, 2018 from 7.00 pm at École Inman Elementary, 3963 Brandon St, Burnaby, BC V5G 2P6

Here is our agenda:

  1. Financial Report
  2. French Lessons for Parents
  3. Patinage de Noel (Zhanna) – December 15th
  4. Film Festival – February 15 – Theatre has been booked for February 15th
    Save the date to be sent out ASAP – Any helpers to screen movies; suggestions etc.
  5. Donation request: Quebec trip
  6. School Christmas Presents (president)
  7. High school grad gift (tresurer)
  8. Membership Drive / CPF Awareness
  9. Create a CPF Burnaby Facebook page

Is it possible to have CPF Burnaby Chapter website listed in the Resource section of Burnaby schools website
Need to better promote membership at all CPF events
Locate flyer to issue to schools – especially kindergarten classes at the beginning of the year


  1. Ecole des Max found at:
    Subscriptions to books from France – books are narrated on their website
  2. Fete des Arts (reps) – Arts Starts has a francophone section available
  3. Resource Grant (reps)Up to $500 per school is available to provide supplementary resources for the teachers – could include books for the classroom, teacher resources etc.
    Funding will be provided for a new initiative
    Deadline is January 31st
    Schools to forward request to CPF through their reps; reps – please forward any request via email to the Executive Commitee to ensure deadlines are met
  4. Literacy Grant (reps) – President has forwarded letter outlining the initiative; reps to forward to schools
    $250 per school to be spent on books – deadline for requests is January 31st; can be used to get the Max books
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