November Monthly Meeting

The next CPF chapter meeting is on Thursday, November 9th 2017, 7.00 pm at École Seaforth Elementary, 7881 Government Rd, Burnaby

Here are a few issues to discuss from our agenda

    1. Financial report
      • SC Grant deposit, Membership rebates;
    1. SocioCultural Grants
      • Film Festival / summer camp / performances have been submitted
      • Skating will be submitted for reallocation
    1. French Survival Nights
      • Primary – postponed to a later date
      • Intermediate Night to address attrition
    1. Christmas Skating
      • book date / will discuss food
      • Apply for reallocation for Socio Cutural
    1. Film Festival – February 9th
      • Save the date to be sent out
      • New ideas/ feedback
      • Clarify how many copies of each movie are required and if they can split them or not
      • Rights for the films
    1. French Lessons for Parents
      • Still on hold / Adrianna to follow up
    1. Bilingual Board Games for K/Gr 1 classes
      • Cynthia to purchase bilingual board games for K/Gr 1 classes
      • Simona to do a count of how many k/1 classes in total
      • Perhaps reach out to Mme Bilton for a school list for French immersion
    1. Fête des Arts
      • Cynthia sent an email about the letter
      • Performers on the list that are coming through the lower mainland
      • Schools can let reps know what performer they are interested in
      • Invoice to CPF Burnaby / CPF will 50% up to a certain limit
    1. Regional AGM re-cap
      • CPF volunteer participant to re-cap next meeting
    1. Summer Camp
      • Discuss registration – EventBrite was challenging / maybe pay someone to co-ordinate
      • Denise will check to see what platform Richmond Centre is using for
      • Co-ordinate with the teachers to see who’s still on board and coming back
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